Shortness of breath related to plaquenil

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    Shortness of breath related to plaquenil

    She otherwise felt well, and reported that her lupus was inactive. She denied any associated chest pain, cough, or fever.

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    Soon after I began having GI symptoms and shortness of breath. I am currently taking plaquenil and adalat to open the capillaries in my finger tips to help with the Raydauds. I have been struggling with shortness of breath and having had controlled asthma my entire life I knew sometbing was wrong. Plaquenil received an overall rating of 5 out of 10 stars from 4 reviews. See what others have said about Plaquenil, including the effectiveness, ease of use and side effects. Shortness of breath will quickly escalate if the reaction causes your throat to swell and close off, blocking your air supply. You may also itch, wheeze, and have vomiting and diarrhea.

    Investigations performed at that time included a complete blood picture, cardiac enzymes, and the measurement of antibodies against double stranded DNA (ds DNA). A similar presentation had occurred three months previously, when she went to another hospital with the same symptoms, associated with a raised temperature (38.4°C).

    Shortness of breath related to plaquenil

    Hoarseness and Shortness of Breath Is Your Rheumatoid., Plaquenil Reviews Everyday Health

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  4. Apr 02, 2007 Des, I'm surprised your rheumy didn't seem more interested in your weakness and shortness of breath. In my humble non medical opinion, they could both be related to UCTD and it sounds like it would be a good idea to get some labs and some x-rays done. I hope your GP can see you soon and help you figure out what is causing this.

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    Hydroxychloroquine - oral, Plaquenil. persistent sore throat, seizures, shortness of breath, swelling ankles/feet, extreme tiredness, dark urine, yellowing eyes/skin. A very serious allergic reaction is unlikely, but seek immediate medical attention if it occurs. Top hydroxychloroquine Related Articles. Shortness of breath is one of the unique symptoms of COVID-19, the illness caused by novel coronavirus. Here’s what it feels like and when to see a doctor. You can experience it sometimes, all. Three weeks ago, the patient noted the gradual onset of shortness of breath on exertion that had eventually increased to the point where she could only walk a block without significant dyspnea and was unable to go to work. She denied chest pain or palpitations but did note the return of leg edema.

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    Some side effects may occur that usually do not need medical attention. Perception of chloroquine efficacy and alternative treatments. Coronavirus run, here come the experimental drugs The multiple pathways for itch and their interactions with pain
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    Drusen in my retina - Des, I am sorry to here that the plaquenil maybe causing you same trouble with your eyes. If the plaquenil is the issue maybe you can try half of what you need. The one thing good is that your eyes will clear up if it is the plaguenil, the down side is you will have to find something else. Best to you.

    Autofluorescence of Basal Laminar Drusen
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    H35.381-383 Toxic Maculopathy Of Retina - Decision-Maker PLUS Hybrid retinal cameras perform fundus autofluorescence imaging to detect damaged retinal pigment epithelial cells. The damaged cells accumulate lipofuscin and plaquenil-induced toxic maculopathy is characterized by a pericentral ring of increased fundus autofluorescence in the macula.

    Hydroxychloroquine-Induced Retinal Toxicity - American.